Various Artists – Electric Future Beats: Progressive: New Electronic Music From Argentina
ES 2228


In the last few years the circuit of production and distribution of electronic music isolated itself from the mainstream music markets. The music is sold digitally in specialized stores for specialized customers, DJ’s who use them in their set, and only occasionally a track becomes a dancefloor hit and reaches the average music fans. As a consequence of this many electronic music producers, especially the young ones, are relatively successful but their work remains unknown out of the electronic music scene.

Eternal Sunday, the label from Argentina that sees beyond the Latin market, presents the compilation Electric Future Beats: Progressive, New Electronic Music From Argentina, with the intention of helping talented artists from the local underground scene to reach mainstream music consumers. This compilation, instead of being released in specialized stores for an elite of DJ’s, is available in every mainstream digital music store around the world, like iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Napster, Spotify and others, guaranteeing this way the presence of this local electronic scene in a massive market. Until now, this presence was practically nonexistent,

Progressive is an electronic music substyle (or in fact several substyles, since we can talk about progessive house, progressive trance, etc.) that goes beyond the basic roots of each genre, adding new sonic elements and allowing for a higher artistic experimentation. Electric Future Beats: Progressive contains 8 tracks that show us different tendencies that contain progressive elements, starting for the hypnotic beats of the firsts tracks, (“Ailen”, “Voralis”, “G Sound”), continuing by the vocal progressive sound of “The One” by the experimented producer Ariel Curtis and “I Feel It Round”, taking us to a more reflexive tempo in “The Beautiful Surly” and “Numb” and closing with a surprising masterpiece called “Computer In The Middle Age” by X’ll Mark The Place, by the producer Bret Alexander Schvarztman, a track that combines war drums, computer based electronic beats and a real medieval flute, closing in this way a fresh and dynamic compilation that successfully fulfills the porpoise of making available for the world the talent and quality of Argentina’s underground electronic scene.


Artist: Various Artists
Album: Electric Future Beats: Progressive, New Electronic Music From Argentina
Release date:
Genre: electronic, progressive, house
Label: Eternal Sunday
Catalog #: ES 2228

01. Campana & Samper – Ailen
02. Alberto Perrone – Voralis (Radio Edit)
03. Fr3ak – G Sound
04. Ariel Curtis – The One (Original Version)
05. German Kreff ft. Arabescos – I Feel It Round
06. Ramoren – The Beautiful Surly
07. Inner Solution – Numb
08. X’ll Mark The Place – Computer In The Middle Age


Compilation by Emiliano Canal.
Tracks 04 & 08 Published by Eternal Sunday/ Universal Music Publishing.
Mastered by Emiliano Canal & Michael Etes at the Michael Etes Studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina.