KooLTURE – Uncovered

ES 2217


Eternal Sunday presents Uncovered, the first album by KooLTURE, the project of producer, singer and songwriter José Tramontini. KooLTURE has made a name for himself in the international electropop underground scene, as a result of releasing high quality digital singles and EP’s, catchy and dance oriented. KooLTURE has fans all over the world (his MySpace profile has more that 25,000 friends) and these fans demanded to hear KooLTURE’s first long play album. The wait is over.

Uncovered is just as it was expected: a brilliant piece, a collection of the finest catchy electropop (most lyrics in English, a couple in Spanish) perfect for dancing, having fun, think about and get touched by the lyrics. A pop kaleidoscope with retro and disco touches, a subtle gay aesthetic, intelligent lyrics, radio choruses, hidden remixes, a luxury packaging and lots of tiger skin.

The songs are instant hits that take us, among others, to the inhibited freshness of “Stupid SuperStar”, the reflection about fans and fame of “Fanatic Boy”, to the problems and the ecstasy of love of “A Look At Me”, “Absolutely True” and “Like A Cat” which give way to the almost metaphysical considerations of the two songs in Spanish, “Irónico” and “Vuelo Fugaz”. Fame, success, glamour, dance, nightlife, complicated human relationships, to love and to be loved, the meaning of life, all of KooLTURE’s usual themes are present in these 12 tracks with memorable choruses.

The influences are there: Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, New Order, Madonna, 80’s and 90’s electropop, disco music, pop culture and a subtle gay touch apt for everyone.

The album was co produced by KooLTURE, Sgoliat, Diego Puerta y Sygma (renowned DJ and producer from Roma, Italia) and remixed by y Ladies On Mars (who also mastered the album) and the young PJ Rose. Several musicians appear as guests.
All songs written by José Tramontini & Published by Eternal Sunday/ Universal Music Publishing, except for 02 Tramontini/ Zambrano.