Softcore Express – Electronic Vivaldi: The Four Seasons
ES 2351

Eternal Sunday presents another electronic tribute to the best of classical music. This time is Electronic Vivaldi: The Four Seasons, in which Softcore Express covers the four concertos originally written for violin and orchestra using analog synthesizers, with amazing results.


01 Spring I Allegro
02 Spring II Largo
03 Spring III Allegro Pastorale
04 Summer I Allegro
05 Summer II Adagio
06 Summer III Presto
07 Fall I Allegro
08 Fall II Adagio
09 Fall III Allegro
10 Winter I Allegro Non Molto
11 Winter II Largo
12 Winter III Allegro

All pieces composed by Antonio Vivaldi. Produced, mixed and mastered by Emiliano Canal & Michael Etes at the Michael Etes Studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina.