Canal Pop – Superficial
ES 2362


Eternal Sunday presents a new album from Canal Pop, Superficial. The album contains 11 tracks of the artist’s signature catchy synthpop. The album features three great guest singers, Polette, Josefina Aufranc and Pauline Q.

One of the songs “The Starman Won’t Come Tonight” is a tribute to David Bowie, written after his death in 2016.



01 Anything Can Happen Tonight (feat. Josefina Aufranc)
02 Superficial (feat. Polette)
03 Rock This City (feat. Polette)
04 Dance Next To Me (feat. Josefina Aufranc)
05 Butterfly (feat. Polette)
06 Stars Of The Undergound (feat. Josefina Aufranc)
07 The Starman Won’t Come Tonight (feat. Pauline Q)
08 Out Of This Suburb (feat. Polette)
09 Friends Forever (feat. Pauline Q)
10 Dance With A Stranger (feat. Pauline Q)
11 Keep The Music Playing (feat. Polette)

All songs written by Emiliano Canal except 09 by Emiliano Canal & Valerio Rinaldi. Produced by Emiliano Canal except 01 produced by Diego Rodríguez, vocals produced by Emiliano Canal. Mixed and mastered by Emiliano Canal and Michael Etes at the Michael Estes Studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina.