Various Artists – Southern Electro Originals: The Ultimate Compilation Of The Best Electropop from Argentina

ES 2213


Eternal Sunday presents Southern Electro Originals, the ultimate compilation of electropop from Argentina with vocals in English.

Since its beginnings in 2006 the label Eternal Sunday had the objective of developing (and then exporting to the world) artists that are part of the Argentinean pop scene with songs in English. This local scene exists, and many of its artists are extremely talented, they write, perform and record great songs of a superb quality, that can sound next to any international hit.

To prove this Eternal Sunday releases Southern Electro Originals, The ultimate compilation of electropop from Argentina. The album has 13 killer tracks that go from the ultra catchy uptempo electropop (KooLTURE, Canal Pop), move to the darker side adding industrial sounds (LastraX, Electrofreek), flirt with house music (Mr Charles Deluxe, Alfredo Norese) and reach a killer disco hymn climax (Polette).


01. Electrofreek – Hear The Music
02. KooLTURE – Stupid SuperStar (Sgoliat Radio Mix)
03. Canal Pop feat. Bea – Ecstatic Days
04. Cosaquitos En Globo – Out Of Presence
05. Angelini Music – Don’t You Know
06. PJ Rose – U Want It
07. Demarco Electronic Project feat. Maca Echeverría – Intimate
08. Mr. Charles Deluxe – Story Of Love
09. Alfredo Norese – Somebody
10. Auxiliar Channel – Time Into Space (Nü-Disco Mix)
11. Antipop – Walking
12. LastraX – Your World
13. Polette – Black And White


Compilation by Emiliano Canal.  Mastering by Michael Etes at the Michael Etes studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina.