Demarco Electronic Project – Retrovision

ES 2216


Eternal Sunday presents an electronic music masterpiece: the much anticipated Retrovision, the album composed and produced by Luis & Héctor Agüero, Argentina’s techno twins, Demarco Electronic Project. This was an album announced several times that finally sees the light.

In general, electronic albums are made with the intention of filling the dancefloor. Retrovision does that, of course, but it is much more than a floor-filling collection of tracks. First, it is an introduction to electronic music to those who are not familiar with it. Second, it is a homage to the different tendencies and styles that appeared in the last two decades, from Italo disco from the 80’s to deep house, not forgetting 90’s techno music and modern house music with an electro flavour. Third, the album is a description of a journey, or a description of many journeys: from the country to the city (Luis & Héctor were born in a rural district and moved to Buenos Aires), from amateurism to professionalism, from playing for a few friends to being well known in the international electronic music market after having released many chart topping tracks and remixes.

These journeys are represented in the beautiful album cover, that shows a city seen from a car that arrives to it from a highway, while in the rear view mirror we see the countryside left behind. This retro vision in present in Retrovision, this innovative and different electronic album by Demarco Electronic Project that fills the listener with emotions and surprise.


01. Techno Twins (5:23) *
02. Forbidden Pressure (4:25) *
03. Diciembre 2003 (4:13)
04. Groove Myself (4:57)
05. Despues de Medianoche (3:24)
06. Vocal Latino (3:22) *
07. Remanentes (3:54) *
08. Electricity Disco (3:14)
09. Rubberbands (3:55)
10. Valery (4:16) *
11. Walking in a Free World (3:23) *
12. BONUS Too Much DJ (3:47) *
13. BONUS Remanentes (Electro Remix) (7:37) *
14. BONUS Vocal Latino (Electro Remix) (7:35) *

Recorded by Luis Eduardo Agüero and Héctor Agüero at 3K Studio and San Pedro Estudio. Mix and mastering by Luis Eduardo Agüero at San Pedro Estudio. All tracks written by Luis Eduardo Agüero and Héctor Agüero. Design and pictures by Pablo Brand for Brandcartoon. Demarco Electronic Project are Luis Eduardo Agüero (keyboards, programming, voices, bass) and Héctor Agüero (keyboards, programming, pianos, guitars, voices).

* Published by Eternal Sunday/ Universal Music Publishing