Angelini Music – One

ES 2211


Angelini Music is the project of Mauro Angelini, a multifaceted multi instrumentalist, producer and singer from Argentina. One is his first album, where he creates an oniric instrumental cocktail where diverse influences are mixed together: electronic music, chill out/ lounge music, Asian melodies, tango, Argentinean folklore, rock and roll, film music, funk, Western philosophies and a long et cetera. (This is why some people call him “the Argentinean Moby”).


01. Ambientalizer
02. Song For A Nonexistent Movie II
03. Nocturnal Thoughts
04. Meditation For Peace
05. Walking By The City
06. Connection Dance
07. Song For A Nonexistent Movie I
08. African Connection
09. Silvina’s Song
10. Soul Catalyst
11. Homage To The Dalai Lama
12. Chacarera For Argentina
13. Experimentango
14. Buenos Aires Milonga
15. Libertango (Remix)


All songs written by Mauro Angelini except “Libertango” written by Astor Piazzola. Bandoneon in 13, 14, 15: Mariano Godoy. Additional production in 15: DD. Mastering by Mauro Angelini. Tracks 03, 11, 12, 13, Published by Eternal Sunday/ Universal Music Publishing.