Various Artists – Music For Floggers (An Electro Compilation)

ES 2219


When we, the people who work at Eternal Sunday talk about our label, we say that it is an avant garde, pioneer company that produce innovative contents that are distributed in a new way for new consumers. We know that talking is cheap and that big words only get you so far if those words are not backed by facts.

It is in this context that we present the compilation Music For Floggers (An Electro Compilation). It contains eleven killer tracks created by eleven talented producers from Argentina. This release, next to Beto Resano’s debut Album, Tokyo Flogger, position Eternal Sunday as the leading label for the electro flogger teen market. A potentially huge market that is formed by millions of teenagers to whom the traditional record labels are not providing any music because they don’t even know they exist, or understand their style and subculture.

For those who don’t know about them, floggers are teenagers that met trough their pages at the social network Fotolog_com and started gathering in communities, becoming the first urban tribe born out of Internet and the new technologies. His look is based in the glam aesthetics of the ’80s and their music is electro, though it has to suit their particular dance, the “pasito flogger” of flogger move. Floggers were born in Buenos Aires but they are expanding fast to the rest of Latin America as an spontaneous Argentinean cultural export.

Eternal Sunday happily contributes to the diffusion of this culture by releasing Music For Floggers (An Electro Compilation) as a digital release in the most important music stores in the whole world.


01 Demarco Electronic Project – Remanentes (Electro Remix)
02 Ramiro Romero – Flogger Bass
03 Softcore Express – Baby Photolog
04 Dr. Synth – Yaya
05 Ariel Curtis – Future of The Future (Single Vocal Version)
06 Cattus V – Exit Light
07 Ladies On Mars – Sex Machine (Hernán Paredes Invader Mix)
08 Procer – Blissed
09 Lucas Ferraro – Electromagnetic
10 Fabric – Kontak House
11 Ramiro Romero & Guillermo Odato – Alarm In The Tropyc


Tracks 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 07, 08, 11 published by Eternal Sunday/ Universal Music Publishing. Tracks selected by Emiliano Canal. Mastering by Michael Etes at the Michael Etes Studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Cover design by AltoBelgrano31 based in a drawing by Marlene Zvokelj.