Demarco Electronic Project – Mejor Mañana EP

ES 2204


The duo of producers Luis & Héctor Agüero, also known as “the techno twins” (because they are identical twins, that’s why) release through Eternal Sunday two 4 tracks EP’s, under their artistic name of Demarco Electronic Project.

The twins are legendary remixers and producers from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and they have worked with big names in the local and Latin American scene, people like the ex member of Bandana Lourdes,R ubén Rada, Babasónicos, Martina Vior, Miguel Mateos, Sybil, Ciclotímica, etc. They’ve produced all the music featured at the DVD “Urban Dancers vol. 1”, released by the label New Groove order Inc, USA. They’ve also worked with European artists like Yana Kay, Russian singer that went #1 at the European dance charts.

“Mejor Mañana” (better tomorrow) has 4 versions of the title song, in a style that could be described as Hard House, but the band always says that “We do electronic music, different types, and we don’t like to label what we do. Everyone is free to call it what they want”.


01 Mejor Mañana
02 Mejor Mañana (Xethis Radio Edit)
03 Mejor Mañana (AOV Cloud Mix)
04 Mejor Mañana (Xethis Club Mix)

Written by Agüero/ Agüero. Published by Eternal Sunday/ Universal Music Publishing.