The KavanaghsLove Conquers Pain Live

ES 2303


Love Conquers Pain Live captures the magical night (September 19, 2011) in which The Kavanaghs performed at the Sala Lavarden theatre in their home city, Rosario, Argentina, to present their newest album, Love Conquers Pain. The recording shows the band playing at it best for their own public. The album contains 15 tracks, the whole Love Conquers Pain album plus some songs taken form their debut album The Kavanaghs. 



01 Tonight (Live)
02 Come On (Before The Wind) (Live)
03 It’s Real (Live)
04 Something’s About To Happen (Live)
05 Hyde Park (Live)
06 Those Days (Live)
07 Emma Peel (Live)
08 Love Scripts (Live)
09 About Tomorrow (Live)
10 Waiting For The Times To Change (Live)
11 Last Dance (Live)
12 All The Time (Live)
13 Need A Pity Day (Live)
14 Away From All We Know (Live)
15 Cat In Town (Live)


Performed live at Sala Lavarden, Rosario, Argentina, on September 2011. All songs written by Tiago Galíndez except 02, 06, 13, by Sebas Cairo. Published by Eternal Sunday/ Universal Music Publishing.