Baby Scream – Just Covers
ES 2345


Eternal Sunday presents Just Covers, an album by Baby Scream in which Juan Pablo Mazzola  covers some songs originally performed by other people. The selection of music is pretty eclectic and seems to reflex Mazzola’s sophisticated taste in music that includes power pop from the 90s (Samantha 7, Fastball), trash metal (Sepultura), pop from the 80s (Cyndi Lauper, Culture Club, The Psychedelic Furs), 60s rock and pop (Johnny Rivers, Aaron Neville) and 70s B-movies soundtracks (Orville Stoeber, who wrote the song “Stay Forever, My Love” for the cult horror movie Let’s Scare Jessica To Death). The songs are produced by Nick Schinder and feature the classic Baby Scream sound, clean rock with a retro flavor, this time with some electronic sounds and loops added to the mix.



01 I Wanna Be Famous
02 I’m Not In Love
03 Love My Way
04 Karma Chameleon
05 Roots Bloody Roots
06 Secret Agent Man
07 Stay Forever, My Love
08 Tell it like it is
09 Warm Fuzzy Feeling
10 Time After Time

Witten by 01 Cecil Deville; 02 Stewart/ Gouldman; 03 Ashton/ Butler/ Butler/ Davey; 04 O’Dowd/ Moss/ Hay/ Pickett; 05 Kisser/ Cavalera/ Cavalera/ Xisto/ Pinto; 06 Sloan/ Barri; 07 Orville Stoeber; 08 Davis/ Diamond; 09 Anthony Scalzo; 10 Hyman/ Lauper