Canal Pop feat. Josefina Aufranc – I Feel Love (Single)

ES 2282


I Feel Love (Single) is the tenth release (counting EPs, albums and singles) by electropop act from Buenos Aires Canal Pop, and the first one featuring the wonderful Rosario-born singer Josefina Aufranc, who is also a model.

“I want Canal Pop to sound like a mix of Daft Punk and Abba”, said Emiliano Canal, the man behind Canal Pop. “I want a modern sound, but I also love the early electro sound, the old Hi-NRG and Italo disco sound. These were fantastic styles of music, much more original that rock.That’s why we covered ‘I Feel Love’, Giorgio Moroder started a revolution and music was changed forever. But no one took this electronic music seriously when it started”.


01 I Feel Love

Written by Moroder/ Bellotte/ Summer and produced by Emiliano Canal. Published by Sweet Summer Night Music. Mastered by Emiliano Canal & Michael Etes at Michael Etes Studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina.