Fr3ak Y Los Ali3nados – Fr3ak Y Los Ali3nados

ES 2250


Eternal Sunday presents another debut album that’ll make history: the one by Fr3ak Y los Ali3nados, the electronic rock band lead by Fr3ak, that gives a new step in rock evolution.


Fr3ak comes from electronic music, style in which he had released many singles and remixes that can be considered house music, music meant to dance to. But on Fr3ak Y los Ali3nados, he uses the electronic music language and textures to express something different, values, sensations and messages that, until now, only have been communicated through loud guitar-ridden rock and roll. Fr3ak Y Los Ali3nados is not about dancing, is about alienation, is about feeling alone and vulnerable against an inhuman system, is about the existential absurdity, about empty consumerism, about a world in which surface and appearance are more important that contents.

Some years ago Fr3ak would have started a heavy metal band and would have screamed his truth to the world among distorted guitars. But Fr3ak Y Los Ali3nados are a 2013 band, and they sing for a generation of digital natives using a new language, a language that is natural for the new generations: the fusion of electronic music elements and an alternative rock attitude. And maybe the message the band brings us, hidden among the desperation is: there are problems, but there is a tomorrow, and that tomorrow is coming, and it’ll be different.

Maybe in a decade or two all rock bands will sound like Fr3ak Y los Ali3nados. Today, they are the only ones. Enjoy them now, because the future is coming.


ES 2250 Fr3ak Y Los Alienados – Fr3ak Y Los Alienados
Artist: Fr3ak Y Los Alienados
Release: Fr3ak Y Los Alienados
Release date: March 04, 2013
Genre: Electronic rock,
Label: Eternal Sunday
Catalog #: ES 2250

01 Sin Renunciar
02 La Fée
03 Partículas
04 Don’t Follow (Radio Edit)
05 Control
06 Pánico En El Centro Comercial
07 Profetas Negros
08 Paradigma
09 My Sophie
10 Pócima
11 Anunaaki
12 Descender
13 Metanoia
14 I Go Deep

Written and produced by Fr3ak Y Los Ali3nados. Published by Eternal Sunday/ Universal Music Publishing.