Canal Pop feat. Gaby LC – Cool In Japan (Single 02)
ES 2203 SD02


Cool In Japan is the single taken from the EP by Canal Pop featuring Gaby Laguzzi called We Never Play Live In Buenos Aires. The song was written by Emiliano Canal (AKA Canal Pop) and is based on the real story that the CD’s of Plastic Orgasm People, Emiliano’s former band, sold better in Japan than in Argentina, their own country. “I felt for a while that, if everything else failed, I could always tour Japan playing my former bands’ songs, so this story about a guy who’s uncool everywhere else but doesn’t care because he’s cool in Japan just reflected what I felt” Emiliano recalls.

“Cool In Japan” was featured at the 2006 Sector One compilation, released by the electropop label Section44 (USA).

The single comes in two versions. Single 01 presents the EP version plus the B side “Minimoog” and a remix. The second version features 5 remixes of “Cool In Japan”.


01 Cool In Japan (Xethis Radio Edit)
02 Cool In Japan (Miguel V Industrial Mix)
03 Cool In Japan (Extended Version)
04 Cool In Japan (Demarco House Mix)
05 Cool In Japan (Xethis Club Mix)

Written by Emiliano Canal. Published by Eternal Sunday/ Universal Music Publishing. Mastering by Sgoliat.