X-Tralounge – Chill Out Sessions: Nature
ES 2222


Eternal Sunday announces the release of two wonderful albums by X-Tralounge, the project of composer, arranger and producer Sebastián Caffini, from Argentina. As its name implies, X-Talounge style is instrumental longe/ chill out music, with an organic quality that makes it perfect for relaxation and slowing down. The albums are named Chill Out Sessions: Relax and Chill Out Sessions: Nature.


01 Sandstorm
02 Rainforest
03 Waterfall
04 Heartbeat
05 Evening
06 Landscape
07 Seashore
08 Caterpillar
09 Sandstorm II


All tracks written and produced by Sebastián Caffini. Published by Eternal Sunday/ Universal Music Publishing.  Mastered by Emiliano Canal & Michael Etes at the Michael Etes studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina.