Canal Pop – Not Mr. Right: An Introduction To Canal Pop

ES 2292


Eternal Sunday proudly presents Not Mr. Right: An Introduction To Canal Pop, an album that compiles some of the best songs recorded by Canal Pop, the electropop music project led by songwriter and producer Emiliano Canal (who also happens to be the label’s director), from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“I spent these last years devoted full time to the record label” Emiliano explains “so my artistic project Canal Pop was not my priority, when I had some free time I recorded some songs and released them but without the time or energy to come up with a proper campaign. And it was a shame, because some of the songs that Canal Pop released were good and deserved better luck with the public”.

This doesn’t mean that Canal Pop’s songs went unnoticed these years. Canal Pop is well known in the synthpop/ electropop global underground scene and specialized portals like Side Line (Belgium) and others write about him on a regular basics. Songs and remixed by Canal Pop have been released in compilations by labels and pages like Side Line and Alfa Matrix (Belgium), Sector44 (USA), Ninthwave (USA) and Electrozombies (Germany) (as well as by Eternal Sunday, Emiliano’s label).

Not Mr. Right: An Introduction To Canal Pop features 15 tracks, 11 original songs and 4 cover versions (of songs originally recorded by Oasis, Men Without Hats, Electric Light Orchestra and Donna Summer, which shows Emiliano’s unprejudiced approach when it comes to take well known songs and make them his own). All of the songs are a proper sample of Canal Pop’s style: classic electropop arrangements and production, catchy radio-friendly choruses, crystal-clear voiced professionally produced and plays of words in the lyrics (in English, which is not bad considering that Emiliano is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where people speak Spanish). The lyrics are about falling in love, being yourself, infatuation, electricity, being cool in Japan, dancing alone, girls who want to learn new things and girls that really enjoy phone calls.

Several singers collaborated with Canal Pop over the years and all of them are present here: Gaby Laguzzi, New York City’s Bea Conenna, Lara Sambert, Polette and Josefina Aufranc. “All of them are amazing professional singers with thousands of hours of live and studio work” says Emiliano, “I’m very proud of the girls I work with. Besides, they’re all very pretty”. Only one track is sung by the man himself, Canal Pop’s rendition of the classic Men Without Hat late-80’s electropop track “Pop Goes The World”.

All the songs were produced by Emiliano Canal except for the opening track “I Want You (To Be My Baby)”, which was produced by producer Osi Tejerina (who also directs a record label in Buenos Aires). Two of the songs, “Two Of A Kind” and “For Falling (In Love)” are featured in 2016 versions, with an improved sound. “Future Nights” was commercially unreleased (only as part of a free compilation).

“A new Canal Pop period is beginning”, says Emiliano. “New songs, new singers, a new sound, videos, tours, bigger and better plans. Pretty soon”. In the meantime, the world can listen to Not Mr. Right: An Introduction To Canal Pop to catch the mood.



ES 2292 Canal Pop – Not Mr. Right: An Introduction To Canal Pop
Artist: Canal Pop
Release: Not Mr. Right: An Introduction To Canal Pop
Release date: June 03, 2016
Genre: electropop, synthpop, dance, pop, cover, 80s
Label: Eternal Sunday
Catalog #: ES 2292

01 I Want You (To Be My Baby) [feat. Polette]
02 Future Nights [feat. Josefina Aufranc]
03 Two Of A Kind 2016 [feat. Polette]
04 Come To My World [feat. Josefina Aufranc]
05 Cool In Japan [feat. Gaby Laguzzi]
06 A Place 2016 [feat. Polette]
07 Lyla [feat. Lara Sambert]
08 Ecstatic Days [feat. Bea]
09 Electricity [feat. Polette]
10 Pop Goes The World
11 Lonely Dance [feat. Gaby Laguzzi]
12 Things You Say You Like [feat. Polette]
13 I Feel Love [feat. Josefina Aufranc]
14 Your Daughter’s On The Phone [feat. Polette]
15 Don’t Bring Me Down [feat. Gaby Laguzzi]
16 For Falling (In Love) 2016 [feat. Polette]

All songs written and produced by Emiliano Canal except:
01 produced by Osi Tejerina; 07 written by Noel Gallagher; 10 written by Ivan Doroschuk; 13 written by Moroder/ Bellotte/ Summer; 15 written by Jeff Lynne.

All songs published by Universal Music Publishing/ Eternal Sunday except 01, 02 & 04 by Eternal Sunday (administered by Universal Music Publishing); 07 by Sony/ ATV; 09 by Universal Songs of Polygram Intl; 12 by Sweet Summer Night Music/ Rick S Music/ Warner Chappell; 14 Jet Music/ EMI Blackwood Music Inc.