Softcore Express feat. Polette – An Electro Tribute To Abba

ES 2277


Maybe some people are too young to remember, but during the late 80’s ABBA was a very uncool band, a cheesy thing from the 70’s. No one was doing ABBA covers, except for some synthpop/ electropop bands like Information Society, Men Without Hats and, later, Erasure. Strangely, for synthpop fans too young to remember the originals, these were the first glimpses of ABBA’s master songwriting. Much later, the whole A*Teens/ Mamma Mia craze started and ABBA became fashionable again for the masses. This is not only an ABBA tribute, it’s a tribute to all these pioneer synthpop and electropop artists that covered ABBA when no one was doing that.

As usual, Softcore Express’ sound combines a classic and a modern electropop sounds and, this time, it is the wonderful singer Polette AKA Paula Varela (an amazing vocalist and sessionist who sung countless jingles and shared stages with Shakira and Deep Purple among many others) the one who sings, making this electro tribute a perfect ABBA listening experience.


01 Lay All Your Love On Me
02 S.O.S.
03 Super Trouper
04 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)

All songs written by Ulvaeus/ Anderson. Published by EMI Waterford/ Universal PolyGram. Produced by Emiliano Canal & Michael Etes. Voices by Polette. Mixed & Mastered by Emiliano Canal & Michael Etes at the Michael Etes Studio, Buenos Aires. Cover design by AltoBelgrano