Various Artists – Accepted Transmission: An Electropop Sampler

ES 2247


Eternal Sunday presents a 7-tracks release featuring some of the coolest electropop in the label, a musical journey that goes from KooLTURE’s hyper catchy dance hymns to Canal Pop, Demarco Electronic Project and Cosaquitos En Globo’s naïve electro-ridden songs, not forgetting LastraX and Auxiliar Channel’s furious EDM, to finish at Polette’s sexy vocal house. This is a sampler of the best underground electropop around.


01 KooLTURE – Absolutely True
02 Cosaquitos en Globo – A Different Colour
03 Canal Pop – Electricity
04 Auxiliar Channel – Time Into Space (Nü – Disco Mix)
05 Demarco Electronic Project – Intimate
06 LastraX – Your World
07 Polette – Black And White

01 written by José Tramontini. 02 written by Cordoves/ Pardo Saguier. 03 written by Emiliano Canal. 04 written by Julián Bauza. 05 written by Agüero/ Agüero/ Canal. 06 written by Bauza/ Mills. 07 written by Paula Varela. 01, 02, 03, 05, 07 published by Eternal Sunday/ Universal Music Publishing.