10/ 2012 Our artists tour the world

Our artists tour the world. Valerio Rinaldi and The Kavanaghs in the USA, Baby Scream in Berlin.

In the last weeks artists from Eternal Sunday have performed and toured in foreign countries. Valerio Rinaldi gave a killer show in Miami, USA at Novecento sponsored by cerveza Quilmes. The Kavanaghs performed at the Culture Collide festival in California as part of their USA tour, that included also cities like Cleveland, Fresno, Des Moines and Washington DC. Jim Bonfanti, legendary drummer for The Rapsberries, performed some gigs as a guest. Baby Scream, Juan Pablo Mazzola’s project, is currently in Berlin, Germany, recording new material, performing live and shooting music videos.


The Culture Collide banner, mentioning The Kavanaghs.


Valerio Rinaldi performing in Miami, 2012