12/ 2012 KooLTURE releases new music video: Make-Believe

The music video for KooLTURE’s upcoming single, “Make-Believe”, can now be seen on YouTube.  It was directed by Marcelo Espinola (Ciners) and features dancers Florencia Marcasoli and Ser Dancer.

“Make-Believe” was filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in different European cities such as London, Paris and Barcelona.

The single will be released by Eternal Sunday on December 17. 2012. It includes  the title track,“Make-Believe” (produced by Ladies On Mars) plus a new song “Is This Love?” and a radio edit of “Like A Cat” (from the album Uncovered).

A second digital bundle will be released on January 02, 2013 containing remixes, instrumental and acapella versions of “Make-Believe” and “Like A Cat”.


KooLTURE – Make Believe