06/ 2014 New release: NiñodeFuego – Caen Los Ángeles

ES-2267-DS02-NiñodeFuego-Caen-Los-Ángeles-600Eternal Sunday present’s NiñodeFuego‘s second single: Caen Los Ángeles

NiñodeFuego is a new music project of Argentinean producer, singer, songwriter and sessionist Chino Ribalta, who’s also the director or the Make It Music label and production company. Chino Ribalta has more than 10 solo releases and has collaborated in many other projects, including playing drums for the rock band Can Can in the 80′s and early 90′s.

In NiñodeFuego Ribalta explores the Argentinean folk sound roots again, this time with a more experimental attitude, even adding an electronic music touch to the traditional instrumentation. The songs are in Spanish and the lyrics are personal and introspective.

Caen Los Ángeles is the second of a series of singles that’ll be released anticipating NiñodeFuego’s debut album. The first one was Abre El Cielo. It features two remixes by Julian Gomez.


NiñodeFuego – Caen Los Ángeles on iTunes store


Preview NiñodeFuego – Caen Los Ángeles (Electro Version 01)