Just Us

Just Us

The Argentinean label Eternal Sunday keeps releasing debut albums of one-of-a-kind artists: this time it’s the turn us the incredible swing/ soft rock/ retro pop band with original songs with lyrics in English Just Us. Formed in 2006, this 4-pieces band from Buenos Aires, Argentina dedicated the first years of its existence to play live in every kind of events (business related, weddings, casinos, etc.), developing in the process an amazing live show and giving the musicians a solid formation rarely seen in starting bands.

The band is lead by the charismatic singer and aspiring crooner Jorge Vazquez, who already has recorded for Eternal Sunday the cover of New Order’s “True Faith” for the album Southern Waves, the Argentinean tribute to classic electropop (the song was later released as a single). Jorge sings since high school, where he was the de facto lead character in musical theatres classes, and had his fifteen minutes of TV fame when he participated in the reality show Escalera A La Fama, where he reached the finals. His ductility as a singer, his beautiful voice, his complete command of the English language and the fact that he’s got a great number of female fans (he’s a handsome guy) almost assure him his future stardom. But Just Us has three more members, the talented guitar player Arturo García, who wrote the original songs (with Jorge’s lyrics) and wrote the arrangements, the ductile bass player Hernan Rodriguez, and drummer Matias Teran, who follows the arrangement with his subtle jazz drumming.

The band is a quartet of voice, guitar, drums and bass, and that’s what sounds in the album: in an era of digital magic where everything can be corrected using a plug-in, Just Us has recorded an stripped down album, in which everything that sounds is 100% real and 100% capable of being reproduced onstage. There are no overdubs, session players, special effects or synthesizers. Only four good musicians using their instruments to play twelve songs (thirteen in the digital version that contains a version of the inmortal ballad “My Way” as a digital bonus), ten of them originals and two covers, “Strange Kind Of Woman” (original by Deep Purple, from the 70s) and The Beatles’ classic “The Word”.

A Perfect Way is a different debut album by a different band, with a huge potential for success, with fans of every age (they are followed by jazz lovers as well as for screaming teens with a thing for handsome singers). As it happens with every Eternal Sunday release they have a great potential for being exported commercially outside of the Latin market, markets that most labels from Argentina don’t really consider viable.